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Fast Facts on Premium Stone Countertops in Des Moines

Fast Facts on Premium Stone Countertops in Des Moines

Looking for new stone countertops Des Moines IA? Planning a kitchen remodel can feel like a full-time job all by itself, so we put together a quick read on the options for the centerpiece of any stylish kitchen: stone countertops.

Stone Type: Granite

For those looking for a durable, acid-resistant, guaranteed unique countertop, look no further than granite. A high shine composite of quartz, mica, and other minerals, granite comes in a multitude of colors like hearty black, warm brown, soothing grays, and stark white.

Stone Type: Marble

Those looking for a classic stone will appreciate the warm swirls of color in a bright marble countertop. For the conscientious cook, you will want to proactively seal your counters every few months and be careful of scratches and heat damage.

Stone Type: Quartzite

A natural occuring stone, quartzite countertops are generally found in white to gray with spectrum of hues that would make even Mr. Roy G Biv blush. Harder than granite, Quartzite is durable, heat-resistant stone – just be careful of scratches or dents.

Stone Type: Quartz

A manufactured stone, quartz countertops are vibrantly colored and come in patterns similar to marble and granite. When choosing between quartz and quartzite, homeowners should consider quartz’s stain-resistant surface that makes it easier to maintain than natural quartzite.

Stone Type: Dekton

Another manufactured stone, dekton is ultra-compact surface that comes in large slabs and is so heat resistant you could basically light it on fire without damage – though that is hardly recommended. With patterns printed on the countertop itself, you can completely customize the aesthetic of your countertop to have the best features of all your favorite naturally occurring stones.

If you are looking for the perfect centerpiece for your new kitchen remodel, call The Kitchen & Bath Company at (515) 964-4556 for the best stone countertops Des Moines IA.

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