Finding A Great Industrial Painting Company

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Painting Services

Are you looking for a painting service that can cover large services, such as a warehouse, multi-story building, or a large vehicle or another piece of equipment? In addition to a beautiful, clear, uniform coat of paint, do you need the paint to protect the surface from erosion from weather or longer term chemical exposure? Do you need specialized colors of paint to indicate a certain type of equipment such as oxygen tanks, chemical containers, or construction equipment? Finally, do you need multi-layered paint jobs that are stronger, more resistant, and more durable than what you would find in most homes or residences? If so, you are looking for an Industrial Painting Company.

Below is a list of the many benefits and service offered by industrial painting service such as website.

     *     Far more than skilled painters armed with brushes and rollers (though they certainly have these), industrial painters understand the chemistry behind exact coloration of equipment, special coating for high-damage surfaces, and the safety and proper mixture of these chemicals.

     *     They are also intimately aware of the regulations that govern the exact colors for warning signs, different chemical containers, and phosphorescent safety demarcations. For example, they are called on to paint road safety signs, traffic lanes, oxygen and helium tanks, and warning colors on chemical tanker rigs.

     *     The Industrial painting also requires a great deal more preparation than mainstream paint jobs. Why? Because industrial paint must be very long-lasting. Most companies will do heavy duty paint stripping, sand blasting, water jetting, chemical washing, and thick priming to get the surface ready. In most instances, one or more layers of old paint must be totally removed before the painting process can even begin. This is called “abrasive preparation.”

     *     The preparation process has the additional advantage of cleaning and sanitizing surfaces that are otherwise very difficult to clean.

     *     There are many fast painting techniques that provide thick, multiple layers on different industrial surfaces. Powder coating, fo example, uses electrostatic attraction to bond the paint molecules together and adhere them strongly to the surface. Coil coating (also called roll coating) is extremely high speed. Finally, spray coating uses a high-pressure machine to deliver both the paint and sealant in multiple layers at once over a large area.

When looking for the best Industrial Painting Company, be sure to look for the above benefits, as well as one that has experience in painting for your particular industry. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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