Five Exercises That Will Make You Explode On The Tennis Court

Improving your tennis skills requires more than just going out to the court and whacking a ball. You will need to train certain muscles in your body so that you have fast reaction times and increased durability. The focus for tennis training in Jacksonville, FL centers is to strengthen fast-twitch muscle fibers in particular.

Split Squats

The power of your legs is one of the most important aspects to focus on in any sport. In tennis, the fast reaction times at often awkward angles will require extra flexibility in comparison to other usual leg exercises. With split squats, you will rest one leg on a bench behind you as you lunge forward on your other leg. This exercise may seem more like a one-legged lunge than a squat.

One Leg Cable Row

As an accessory workout to the squat, cable rows will work on your hamstrings and glutes. Performing this exercise using just one leg at a time will greatly train your balance at the same time.

Rotation Cable Rows

Since you will need a strong twisting power of your hip, rotation rows are extremely useful for tennis training in Jacksonville, FL based programs. The twisting action of the exercise will strengthen the obliques and core.

Medicine Ball Slams

This is a great exercise that will work on your explosiveness on the court. Take a moderate to light-weighted medicine ball and swing it above your head. Once it is overhead, drive the ball quickly to the ground and let it slam real hard. If you are hopping while doing this exercise, then you are doing it correctly.

Medicine Ball Side Throws

Simply take the medicine ball to your side and throw it to the side of a brick wall. This will work on your ability to drive extra power behind your racket.

Using a combination of the above exercises within your training program will allow for extra power on the tennis court. It is best not to overdo the exercise or weight as you do not want to gain a lot of weight. Cardio should be done in addition to this.

Speed Agility Sport Specific is the main training institution for some of the top tennis players in Florida. Their tennis training in Jacksonville, FL is extremely intensive and incorporates some of the exercises listed above. The institution was founded by one of the most popular NFL coaches, Darrell Pasquale.

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