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How Termites Can Infest Your Home

How Termites Can Infest Your Home

Knowing how termites get into your house, and why they even want to do so, is an important part of avoiding an infestation of the bugs. When you have a termite inspection in East Brunswick, NJ, your pest control expert should offer you information about possible entry points and signs of activity. This person will also explain how to prevent an infestation based on your location, construction type, and other conditions.

What Termites Need

Termites need what all living creatures need – warmth, moisture, food, and shelter. The wooden materials in your home are a food source for these insects. If there has been construction around your home, things like puddles and air conditioning moisture offer the hydration the termite is looking for. The problem with termites is that they can get in through truly small gaps, which are difficult to find.

Inspections are important as they can find hot spots where termites congregate and warning signs an infestation is coming. You’ll also be given information on how to prevent termites from entering your home.

Subterranean Termite Entry

This type of termite lives underground in East Brunswick, NJ. They will enter your home at or below ground level. They may also travel through tubes of mud that are above ground level. The most common entry points are porch steps, doorframes, deck posts, and wooden supports. They may also come in through cracks in the foundation or brick mortar.

Preventing this species of termite from entering your home involves addressing problems like pooling water and watching for signs of the insects. If you hire a pest control expert, they can recommend options like soil treatment or monitoring stations.

Drywood Termite Entry

With dry wood termites, most infestations begin with bugs that find a crevice in a wooden part of your home. They will then dig out a nest which they seal themselves into. After that, the insects will start to make eggs to build a colony. Within a few years, the colony can be massive and cause serious damage to your home.

It’s harder to prevent this type of termite since they can enter on any floor. However, regular maintenance to the outside wood of your home can help, especially when combined with treatment options recommended by your pest control expert.

If you are concerned about a termite infestation in East Brunswick, NJ, Viking Pest Control is here to help.

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