Residential fire sprinkler installation

by | May 10, 2016 | Fire Protection Service

Every year in the US more than 3000 people die in fires and about three quarters of them are in homes. Despite these numbers, home fire sprinkler system installation is not mandatory.


There are two common misconceptions regarding a residential fire suppression system:

  • Concern about a sprinkler going off for no reason

  • Thinking the entire system activates in the event of a fire

Neither of these is correct. Any fire system installation company in NJ will tell you that the chances of a sprinkler head going off for no reason are remote, about 1 in 15 million and fire sprinkler systems are designed so that the sprinkler head or heads closest to the fire are activated, not every sprinkler in the entire system.

Fire system installations save money:

When you look at the numbers a home fire sprinkler system makes a great deal of sense. At least 75 percent of home fires can be extinguished with a single sprinkler head; the estimated amount of water damage is a little over $2000. When a fire is extinguished by the fire department the water damage is in excess of $45,000. The sprinkler head operates the moment it senses heat, the result is the fire is put out quickly. Even in the best conditions it will take the fire department 15 or 20 minutes to react to a call, a great deal of unnecessary damage takes place during this time.

The easiest way to protect your home from fire is to have a sprinkler system installed during new house construction; however, a fire system installation company in NJ can install a system in an existing home. It is estimated that the cost of a new installation will add about one percent to the cost of the home, this cost however is offset by significant premium discounts on fire insurance policies.

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