Services Provided by Attorneys Experienced in Probate Law

Probate has the potential of becoming a legal nightmare. It may become so complicated that it requires multiple appearances in court and filling out detailed forms.

Most people do not understand the legal regulations of probate law. A Sacramento probate attorney may be able to help their client understand the steps they need to follow when handling the estate of a deceased loved one.

Probate can be a long process, taking up to one year to complete. Things can last longer if the estate is contested. Any mistakes in paperwork will only delay court proceedings, which will delay the distribution of the assets in the deceased individual’s estate.

A Sacramento probate attorney may help their client locate the deceased individual’s assets, including probate and nonprobate assets. They may work with their client in getting estate assets and properties appraised and valued. They may also work with their clients in the preparation of documents that are needed in court.

A deceased individual may leave behind debts, bills, and bank accounts. The probate attorney can work with the surviving family members in keeping track of these things and making sure that all required bills and debts have been covered. They may also work with their clients in handling any estate taxes and inheritance taxes, whether they are on state or federal levels. They often work with their clients in deciding where the money will come from in order to pay said taxes.

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