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So You Have Bought a Home with a Cesspool

What you must know about caring for your waste management system. Homebuyers will inevitably find themselves faced with the less-than-glamorous task of maintaining a waste management system. Most new homes operate on septic tanks, but a few older homes still utilize cesspools. If you are unfamiliar with exactly what a cesspool is, here is a nonprofessional’s definition: it is basically a hole that has been dug in the earth and lined with a material like brick or stone that allows water to seep into the soil. When household sewage collects in the cesspool, wastewater stays at the top and solids sink to the bottom where bacteria begins to work on them.

Potential Problems

Go ahead and plan to implement a regular schedule for cesspool service so an emergency is less likely.

What does a cesspool emergency look like? It is not pretty. It can include backups and/or a sewage odor within the home and even visible wastewater outside. Broken pipes or buildup on the walls of the cesspool that prevents proper drainage can cause these problems.

If you are looking at purchasing a home with a cesspool, it is important that you contact a local waste management company to plan a checkup and implement a maintenance schedule before any of the possible problems become emergencies. Full Cesspool Plumbing Service has built a reputation for quick and reliable response in Suffolk County, and we would like to establish a relationship with you as you begin the cesspool service process.

Maintenance Schedule

Plan to allow us to visit your home and perform a diagnostic process to determine the condition of your waste management system and the best way to keep it functioning properly.

We will most likely recommend regular preventative pumping to discourage the excessive buildup of solids. Plan on budgeting for this periodical expense and you very well may save yourself from facing the environmental hazard an improperly draining cesspool presents. A standard schedule will have you paying for the service every three years or so.

While this service is certainly not a vanity purchase, it is one you will not regret investing in. If you are looking at a home with a cesspool, know what you are getting into in terms of the process and fees involved in waste management maintenance. A little planning in the beginning will allow you to familiarize yourself with the necessary services involved in maintaining a cesspool and to recognize the signs if you do find yourself facing an emergency down the road.

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