The Benefits With 3PL Warehousing In Louisville

You have heard of 3PL processes, even if you may not have used that specific term. 3PL or TPL stands for third-party logistics. It is the use of a third-party by a business or a company to provide some or all of their supply chain management services.

In general, in the Louisville area, you will find 3PL warehousing offered by different companies that offer various levels of services. Some will offer just basic receiving, storage and delivery, while others can literally work as your partner to provide the distribution and other services you require.

While it may initially seem that all you will need from 3PL warehousing is the receiving, storage and delivery of your products or inventory, building in additional services will allow your business to grow without all the challenges that are likely to occur.

Inventory Control and Management

A very key service to consider with 3PL warehousing is inventory control and management. Some of the warehouses and service providers can integrate your management systems to provide bar code scanning, inventory management through immediate, real-time entry, cataloging and even asset tagging and recording.

In-House Assembly

For those companies with products or components requiring assembly before delivery to the consumer, some warehousing facilities by moving companies will provide the staff to handle this aspect of your business.

They can also set up kits, eliminating the need to hire outside professionals and try to coordinate all the moving parts from a distance.

Some movers, but not all, may also provide climate controlled storage and Just In Time (JIT) deliveries. This can be instrumental for your business as your products will arrive in perfect condition with every delivery without exception. This will also prevent the need to have different storage areas throughout the Louisville area.

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