Things You Should Know Before Getting Braces

The first braces were used in the late 1920s, over the years braces have changed considerably. There are many misconceptions about braces just as there are misconceptions on which dentist is best suited to fit them. Before you go ahead and get braces in Bloomingdale there are a few things you should know.

  • Anyone can wear them: At one time when people spoke of braces they were thinking of people in their teens, this is no longer the case. Today, just as many adults are getting braces in Bloomingdale as youngsters. The only prerequisite is that the patient has healthy teeth and healthy gums, other than that, anyone can wear them and everyone that does will benefit.

Many adults are having braces fitted today because when they were teenagers their family simply couldn’t afford them. Now that these people are adults and in a position to make their own financial decisions, more and more of them are opting to improve their smile and at the same time, improve their job prospects.

For years braces were a series of brackets and wires which were extremely visible. Today, adults are opting for clear or porcelain brackets or even invisible aligners.

  • You bite is important: Many people are of the opinion that braces are worn to straighten their teeth, yes they are but that is only one of the reasons. A specialist dentist, an orthodontist, evaluates your teeth in their entirety, he or she checks their alignment, checks to see how they meet and whether your teeth are crowded into your oral cavity.

An extremely important issue when it comes to braces in Bloomingdale is the bite. The bite refers to the way the top and bottom teeth come together as you open and lose your mouth. The bite is extremely important as it impacts your ability to chew your food properly and the bite can impact your speech pattern.

Braces are for far more than just cosmetics, straight teeth and a perfect bite are important for your overall health and happiness.

If you feel that braces in Bloomingdale are something that will improve your smile, improve your eating habits and improve your speech then you are invited to discuss fitting braces with the dentists at Pure Dental Spa.

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