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Top Tips to Help You Make Moving Day Go as Smooth as Possible

Top Tips to Help You Make Moving Day Go as Smooth as Possible

Make moving day go as smoothly as possible. Check out top tips you’ll want to consider.

Prepare and plan

Start planning for the big move in advance. Give yourself around three to four months to plan. That should give you enough time to organize everything so you don’t end up winging it.

Do your homework

Look for movers in Canoga Park that fit the bill. If you need a moving firm to help you relocate a state or two away, then make a list of licensed companies to choose from. Once you’ve got a short list of prospective moving teams, ask if they have a USDOT number. Consider their experience and credentials as well. These will help you winnow down your options.

Check reviews

Before you hire movers in Canoga Park, check out the customer feedback they have. What’s the consensus? Is there a ton of happy customers? Are they happy or dissatisfied with the firm’s service levels? Factor that in when you pick out a moving crew.

Look at ratings

Ratings with sites like the Better Business Bureau online are a good gauge of reliability and trustworthiness. If the company’s ratings are high, then that’s a good sign that it’s all right to proceed with the hiring process. Low scores, on the other hand, mean you may want to rethink your hiring options.

Consider other services

Some movers offer packing, unpacking and storage services. If you want a convenient and stress-free moving day, then take advantage of these. Get pros to pack up, store and unpack your belongings. That means you won’t have to lose sleep boxing everything up. Pros also know how to pack and unpack properly, the HGTV says, so your things aren’t going to come out of the box broken, damaged or lost. And you can store many of your furniture pieces until you get your new home sorted out.

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