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Types of Teeth Bleaching Available on the Market

Teeth bleaching in the Chicago Loop area is available at most offices, but do you know all you can about your options? Here are some of the types of teeth bleaching available:

At Home Strips

There are plenty of over-the-counter teeth whitening products out there, and most people pick these up as they are inexpensive. They work relatively well, whitening the teeth a few shades, and they take anywhere from 15 minutes up to a full hour to work. It usually takes several days or even weeks to see results, and these results are fairly temporary.

Professional Bleaching

Another option for teeth bleaching is the type you get in your dentist’s office. This type of whitening requires special equipment and gel, which is placed onto the surface of the teeth. Once the gel is on the teeth, a special light is placed over top, which speeds up the process dramatically. Generally, it takes just an hour or so to see an extreme result, and people often use whitening strips or toothpastes to prolong the whitening effects.

Professional Whitening At Home

You will also find that you can whiten your teeth at home by getting a special whitening tray from the dentist. The dentist will make a plastic tray after taking impressions. Once the tray is ready, you will take it home and apply a small layer of special gel to the tray, and then wear it in the mouth for approximately an hour each day. Usually it takes a month or so to see results.

Whitening Toothpaste

Finally, you can get whitening toothpaste to bleach the teeth. These are usually mild whiteners that don’t give as dramatic of an effect as other types of whitening. What they are great for, however, is keeping the stains away after getting a professional whitening treatment.

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