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What to Know about Air Conditioning Service in Edmonton AB

Most homeowners rarely think about their A/C unit until they hear strange noises or it doesn’t cool like it used to. While repairs are likely going to be necessary over time, you don’t have to wait until it’s not functioning correctly before you call a technician. In fact, even if your air conditioner is working well, it can still lose up to five percent of its efficiency each year. Therefore, you should consider routine air conditioning service in Edmonton AB. Regular maintenance can keep the system running with up to 95 percent of its original efficiency. Therefore, the cost of maintenance is recovered quickly on your electricity bill and with reduced repair needs.

When to Have it Done

While no law says air conditioning service in Edmonton AB has to be done at a certain time each year, most technicians recommend that you do it in early spring before you really need to use the unit. It makes sense to have it checked before you use it the first time to ensure that it can run properly when it’s turned on and that it’s running at full capacity with minimal energy consumption.

Some homeowners choose to have it serviced in late winter/early spring before technicians get very busy. However, if you put yours off and start noticing that it doesn’t cool the home effectively or it makes noises, call someone to have it looked at immediately.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Major appliances require maintenance to keep it running smoothly and maintain reliability. You probably have your vehicle checked and get the oil changed frequently. While an air conditioner requires different needs, having it looked at and checked ensures that any lost efficiency in the unit is recovered. It also reduces your chances of needing a costly repair because the technician looks for any issue and what could go wrong. Visit Capital Plumbing & Heating for more information.

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