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What to Look for with Direct Mail Copywriters

Finding wonderful individuals that you can trust to complete your work is very important. You need to feel confident they have the skills and motivation. They need to do a wonderful job and get the work done by the established deadline. Hiring the least expensive person won’t usually get you the results you are looking for. Hiring the most expensive doesn’t guarantee you will get the results you want either.

Job Description

In order to obtain direct mail copywriters that can do the work for you correctly, create a detailed job description. It should outline the work you need someone to do. It should also specify the skills and training you need. You can get ideas from checking out similar job descriptions online. Take the core of the description and customize it to fit your work needs.

The skill level you are asking for is going to influence the quality of the applicants. It is also going to influence how much they expect to be paid for the work. If you have a set budget, include that in the job description. If it is negotiable, be willing to talk discuss it with the candidates you may want to hire. They need to know about conversion rates and SEO so don’t leave those out of your requirements.

Don’t Hire Someone to Write and to Review

Some people are amazing writers with great stories to tell, yet lack the formatting and specifics to make it all correct. This is where your direct mail copywriters will come into the picture. They take the core written materials and make it better. They can review it and fix more than just spelling and grammar mistakes.

It is virtually impossible to get someone to edit their own mistakes. They don’t see it the way it is written; they see it from their point of view. You need to hire writers separately from copywriters. It won’t work out well to have any of them in dual positions.

Ask for Samples

One of the best ways to determine the skills of direct mail copywriters is to see samples of their previous work. Ask them to send a before and after copy of something they have recently worked on. If they can’t provide this due to confidentiality agreements, don’t rule them out. Instead, give them a copy of something to work on for you as a sample.

It shouldn’t be lengthy, but it should have enough material for you to get a good idea of their abilities. You should be able to ask them for references of people or businesses they have provided such work for. By gathering such details, you can find out if they did a good job and if the work was completed on time. Click here for more!

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