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Why is Content Marketing So Important for Your Business?

Why is Content Marketing So Important for Your Business?

Content marketing has transformed the way businesses reach out and interact with their customers. It’s more than just advertising – it’s about showing customers who you are as a business, rather than telling or explaining.

With the explosion of social media, brands must become more communicative with customers if they want to earn their trust and loyalty.

Yesterday’s methods of broadcasting messages to the masses are no longer effective, and in fact can have ill consequences for companies in social media. Today’s world of marketing is all about giving advice, telling engaging stories and sharing useful, relevant information.

While many companies have made the shift and have adjusted their marketing strategies, there are still a few who don’t understand why content marketing is so important. Here are just a few reasons every business should incorporate it into their overall strategy:

   * Generates a community of loyal customers: Providing useful information for free can build a close community of loyal customers who have chosen to follow you and believe in your brand. Giving them valued content gives them a reason to invest their time into your brand. If you publish information regularly, they will check-in regularly to find out what other information you’ve provided.

   * It positions your brand as an authority: Providing your customers with quality content on a regular basis will make you an authority on the subject. This is important because it builds trust among your customers and this is what they will base their buying decision on.

   * You learn more about your customers: When content is delivered via social media you invite feedback from your customers. This allows you to gauge their attitudes, demographics, needs, etc. better than simply guessing or going by statistics. Good content can also encourage and inspire allegiance, discussion and get everyone talking.

   * Content marketing improves SEO: Content is king, and it is an absolute must for SEO. Starting a blog and providing quality content will connect it to your brand and this can have many positive results. Gone are the days of providing poorly written content laden with keywords that just didn’t make sense. People want real, relevant writing and this will help not only your customers but your SEO efforts as well because search engines look for real pieces.

* Adds Value: There is a new rule in the business world – regardless of what industry you’re in, you also need to be a publisher in order to stay competitive. People expect (and demand) that your website and your business deliver entertaining content or offer insight on a specific subject. Adding video, posting amusing pictures, and delivering handy guides will entice customers to come back for more.

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