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A Biologically Engineered Way To Fight Cancer

In terms of medical research, it seems that there isn’t much outside our grasp. We’re constantly finding new ways to cure diseases and eliminate many of the illnesses that have plagued humanity for its existence. By using engineered antibodies, scientists have discovered ways to even treat some untreatable diseases such as cancer. With the help of anti PD-L1 antibodies, patients found that it helps significantly more with battling cancer. PD-L1 is a protein in the body that has been identified by doctors as being associated with cancer and is often found inside of tumors. An antibody can be genetically engineered to block the production of this protein and in many cases cause the patient to go into remission. It’s not a comprehensive cure just yet, but it’s certainly a start.

Minimized Side Effects

When dealing with diseases that aren’t curable such as cancer, doctors often focus their efforts on extending the lifespan of the patient and ensuring a positive quality of life. Chemotherapy, while considered by many to be the most effective treatment for cancer, can often disrupt the patient’s way of life and make them feel even more ill. One of the advantages of anti PD-L1 antibodies however, is that they have very mild side effects when compared to that of chemotherapy, and can allow a patient to enjoy themselves a bit more without feeling nauseous or lethargic.

A Fighting Chance

A lot of people consider cancer to be a death sentence, but the truth is that in this day and age it really isn’t. With so many different treatment options available, getting good cancer treatment today is easier than any time before. Today cancer only bears a chance of death instead of being a downright death sentence. A PD-L1 inhibitor treatment can give a lot of patients, who express PD-L1 in their tumors, a far greater chance of survival. However, that’s also one of its shortcomings as it has been found that in patients who do not express PD-L1 in their tumors it has a greatly diminished effect. This doesn’t stop many doctors from prescribing the treatment though, as increasing your odds by any marginal amount is better than not investing the effort.

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