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Keep Your Pet Healthy With Routine Health Care

Pets become cherished members of the household, and they deserve care from experienced vets in Chicago. We take care of all sorts of pets, from little hamsters and guinea pigs to big, fluffy dogs and cats. In our veterinary practice, we take the time to make sure that both you and your pet feel welcome and at ease. Our pet care areas are quiet and as friendly to pets as they are to people.

In our animal hospital, we offer both routine pet checkups and specialty services. We recommend that dogs and cats have an annual physical, just like people should. As your pet gets older, it may need to come in every six months. If your pet has a chronic condition such as diabetes or a thyroid problem, we offer routine appointments to help you manage the condition.

You may have some questions about how to provide the best possible level of care for your pet. We offer guidance and recommendations on how to feed your pet and what to feed it. If your pet has some behavior problems, we offer solutions to address the issue. If you need references for grooming or training, we can also help you with that.

If you have noticed some changes in your pet, we recommend a checkup. Perhaps your pet has an allergy or an injury that you were not aware of. Our on-site laboratory and imaging allows us to get to the heart of the problem in a minimum amount of time. We also provide outpatient and inpatient surgical care for all types of pets.

When you need experienced and professional vets in Chicago to care for your family pet, contact us at Village West Veterinary. You may also explore our range of services and learn about us online at website.

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